Philip Morris International - Moscow

The excellence of design

The furniture choice for the reception of Philip Morris International in Moscow was imposed by a series of observations and considerations. From our point of view the space of such a prestigious venue, located in a city with a very different background from the client's one, the furniture must reflect elegance, simplicity and look of a classic and well-known design worldwide. We resorted to Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Marcel Breuer and Mies Van Der Rohe, masters of modern design and indispensable stimulus of contemporary design, for the style of their furnishings that fit well in any context. These important and recognizable design pieces have done and continue to do the history of design. The colors chosen for the LC3 sofas of Le Corbusier take up the shades of gray that matches the ceiling, also the blue carpet Roquebrune of Eilen Gray recalls the predominant color of the light panel depicting the company staff.