Private Apartment: Kutuzovskiy Prospect, Moscow, Russia

Client: Personal

Date: April-May 2018

Location: Moscow, Russia

The apartment is located on the second floor of a historic residential building. The client is a young married couple willing to have a warm house where to grow a family and welcome friends.

One of their demands was to designate a room currently intended as a studio which tomorrow will become the bedroom of their expected child.

The surrounding environment has some good points, viability and vegetation mean that the building has a good feng shui.


Our feng shui consulting for this apartment is based on an examination of the building's architecture and on the energy level of the interior and exterior, beside the proper arrangement of the furniture.

The layout of the apartment has an irregular shape which leads to an energy imbalance. This imbalance was re-equilibrated using materials, shapes, colors and furniture elements which were in line with the different types of energy associated with cardinal orientations, with the function of the interior and mostly in harmony with the needs and the energy characteristics of the customers.