Feng Shui consulting

How to live in harmony with your environment

The Feng Shui consultant

The ancient science of traditional Chinese feng shui teaches us how to live in harmony with the environment. Through a careful study of the territory, the Chinese have defined the secrets of energy flows that circulate in space. They have understood how the shape of the buildings and their interior layout affects our lives on a subliminal level.
The feng shui architecture helps us improve the calmness, the sleep, the health and our productivity; it helps to reduce stress and it boosts our abilities and our potential. Our house, like a mirror, reflects our personality. A well-designed ambience promotes all aspects of life: health, wellness, balance, relationships, work and family.
It has been shown that people continuously exchange information with the surrounding environment. If this exchange is not balanced, different problems may appear in people and in most cases the intervention of an expert is useful.
A feng shui expert detects the condition of the living space and indicates the actual potential of the building layout. The expert can advise on more favorable arrangements for both internal and external environments; if any disharmony, problem or hurdle has already taken place, the expert clearly outlines the real situation and recommends guidelines to resolve it quickly.
The feng shui consultancy comes from the debate between the client and the expert; it is based on the needs expressed by the client (relating to housing, workplace and projects they intend to achieve in such space) the consultant finds if there are any discrepancies with the principles of feng shui and proposes alternatives to reach the goal of the customer.

For individuals and families

A valuable investment for:

  • Buying or renting a home
  • Designing a new home or expanding the current one
  • Moving into a new home
  • Renewing room decors in the house


  • To maximize the living space and enhance wellness; to reduce stress
  • When you do not feel completely comfortable where you live and you do not understand why
  • When you feel that your home does not increase energy and potential
  • If you have moved into a new house and you note a negative change in any aspect of life, but you can not understand why
  • If interpersonal relationships between the occupants of the house are not in harmony

The intervention

Our Feng Shui consulting is usually composed of four phases:

  1. Inspection and site survey of the property (internal and external ) and data of the occupants, analysis of the problems and objectives of the client; Geopathologic analysis, if requied
  2. Analysis of the lacation and the "chart" of the people involved. Preparation of the project intervention report
  3. Additional check-up of the building and customer interaction
  4. Planned checks (about 3-4 months after work has been carried out as indicated) until the situation stabilizes as desired

The cost of our feng shui consulting will vary upon type and difficulty of the operation. Approximately, for a consulting without project the price is 10 euro per square meter, VAT and expenses excluded. For a consulting with project the price is 15 euro per square meter, VAT and expenses excluded. For sizes greater than 100 square meters the price could be lower. For enquiries or more information please contact us.

The feng shui consulting includes: analysis and design proposals with various furnishing and architectural technical drawings through the most qualified schools in the world: the School of Form, the different Schools of the Compass (use of the Luopan) and the School Intuitive.

In detail:

  • Graphic charts of analysis according to various Feng Shui Schools
  • Graphic charts of analysis for the positions of the corrective actions
  • Design table (scale 1:100) of the possible solutions and architectural variations
  • Design table (scale 1:100) of the furniture arrangement
  • Design table of the color plan If requested, design table with guidelines of the Garden, analysis and design of the best positioning area for the pool, fountains, relax area, hedges, plants and flowers. If necessary, design tables with preliminary specifications of technical details (electrical system, warping of floors, ceilings or drywall works, position of the heaters, etc.).
  • Attached to the tables of the project, we will provide a report with all the specifications described. During the inspection we will define most of the furnishing and design solutions to be implemented; at a later time the entire documentation of what has been agreed with the client will be sent via the internet or by mail, after 20 days from the meeting.

What we require for our feng shui consulting

  • Plant of the current state of the property or project
  • Year of construction or complete restoration of the building; year on which the roof was built or restored (uncovered) or year on which the roof will be built (new construction).
  • Birthdays of the tenants. Brief report in which you specify your needs (rooms), desires (specific rooms), styles and design of the house (if possible, attach photos of newspapers on the type of furniture you want).