Feng Shui Architecture

People and environments in harmony

Feng Shui consulting

The Feng Shui FengShuiArchiLu architecture and consulting firm, through the use of Feng Shui architecture, offers people harmonious environments in which to live, whether they are intended as domestic, work or recreational spaces. The studio, composed of architects and professionals, operates in Italy and abroad and specializes in feng shui consulting, feng shui design, bio-architecture, interior design, furniture and gardens.


Feng Shui Design

Feng shui is the ancient traditional Chinese science that teaches us how to live in harmony with the environment. Deeply rooted in Chinese culture and Taoist philosophy, this discipline studies the flow of energy (Ch'i) in the universe and our interactions with it. For the Chinese people Man, Earth and Heaven are one, from which it follows that man is inextricably linked to his environment.


Veronica Solero

Feng Shui architect

Provides feng shui architect consulting for the design and renovation of homes and private structures (shops, studios, offices, restaurants, etc.) in Italy and abroad.
Collaborates in the design of new homes and gardens.
Provides assistance in the design of interior design, the evaluation of a property to buy, to prepare a property for sale, to renovate or change studios, offices, restaurants, room harmonization, space clearing.
Deals with training by holding introductory seminars on the ancient traditional science of feng shui in Italy and abroad, seminars on feng shui and its application in contemporary architecture in Asia.